About Me

Me SmallHello and thank you for visiting Peace in the Pod! My name is Becky. I am a Catholic, a wife, a mother of three beautiful young children, and a child of God. I am imperfect but I am loved. My goal for this site is to encourage you in your daily life by showing the unique imperfections of my own life. I love gardening, couponing, eating, and most of all, my four most favorite people in the world – my husband and my three precious blessings – Clara, Will and Frankie. These loving, rambunctious, and totally cute children have stolen my heart. You can read more about us in my posts Why I Started Peace in the Pod and Thank You. On this site you will find tips on:

I am so excited about having published the first two posts in The Busy Mom’s Coupon Series (Quick Start Guide and No-Clip Coupon Options)! Look for more great money-saving tips in the near future! I would love to know what you want to read about, so feel free to complete my contact form below and make your voice heard! You may also want to peruse some of my most popular posts, such as:

Please feel free to leave comments, follow my blog by email, and follow me on Pinterest. I have some great boards on family/kids activities, frugal living, tips for the home, blogging resources, my own posts, and much more.

You can also email me at becky@peaceinthepod.com. I love hearing from readers so send me your comments and questions!

If you like what you see, please share my page with your friends. The more the merrier in this crazy, upside down, wonderful thing we call life. Thanks and happy reading!


4 Responses to About Me

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  3. Susan LeBaron-Tonini says:

    I just read the article about the couponing. It was great! I am inspired to ‘organize’ mine once more. Keep up the good work.


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