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Hello to all of you fine readers! The past few months have brought a lot to my life – a growing blog, new readers, and way too much snow. Peace in the Pod has been growing and changing and I am really looking forward to what the future has to offer. In case you haven’t visited Peace in the Pod recently, I’d like to highlight some of the improvements I’ve made on the site.

You can also read some of my recent posts: Continue reading

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The Busy Mom’s Coupon Series – Quick Start Guide


Everyone wants to save money on groceries, but if you’ve never couponed seriously before, how do you know where to begin? You might be excited to start saving money but have some questions like: Continue reading

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Confession’s Secret Benefit

Confessions Secret Benefit

With Lent quickly approaching, I thought this would be a great time to break the good news. Hold onto your hats, ladies and gentlemen. This news is going to shock you to your core. Are you ready? Here it is: Continue reading

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Big Gardens Start Small: The Best Resources for New Gardeners

Big Gardens Start Small

I have been so excited to write this post but I just haven’t been able to find enough quiet time to write. You know how that goes – someone is sick, or needs extra attention, or the house needs to be cleaned, or any number of other things come up. I have been trying to focus on my priorities and therefore haven’t been able to give Peace in the Pod much attention lately. I guess it will all happen in God’s time.

Anyway, when I was a novice gardener six years ago, I got a sudden, strong desire to grow something that would feed my family. I was pregnant with Will, enjoying the energetic second trimester, and looking for an outlet for my excess energy. So that January, I bought some tomato seeds, pots, and soil, and went to town. We didn’t even have a tilled garden plot yet…so in retrospect, maybe sixteen tomato plants growing inside a little townhouse wasn’t the best idea. I have a tendency to go crazy with a new idea without researching what really needs to be done. Apparently. Continue reading

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5 Ways to Make Valentine’s Day More Meaningful


I love Valentine’s Day. The hearts, the candy, my favorite color (red) splashed all over the place. It may be completely commercialized but that doesn’t stop it from being one of my favorite holidays.

Nevertheless, I want to teach my children to see beyond the fluff. Their sponge-like brains are absorbing everything, so why not guide them in a more positive direction?

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Follow up to Last Week’s Super Bowl Post

Last week I reblogged an amazing post that originally appeared on Forte E Bello. If you haven’t already read The Super Bowl: A Sex Trafficker’s Playground, read it before reading the next article I’m going to give you. Mandy Dobbleman does a stand up job of bringing this ugly secret to light.

Since reading that post, I’ve been praying for the women and children who would be trafficked during the Super Bowl, remembering of course that it happens every day all over the world. I didn’t know what else to do, so I just kept praying. I was so happy to read that thanks to a lot of hard work by a lot of people, 16 teenagers and more than 50 women were rescued over the weekend. Here is a link to the article on Live Action News.

Please pray for the healing of these women and that more men, women and children will continued to be rescued, not just here in the US, but worldwide.
If you’d like to learn how to get more involved in preventing and ending human trafficking, visit the Polaris Project website.

Thank you to everyone out there who is working to end injustice. You are true heroes to this hurting world.

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Talk to Me

My Dear Readers,

I have been publishing on Peace in the Pod for one month already. I can’t believe how quickly time is flying!

You hear from me every time I hit the publish button….which isn’t nearly as often as I’d like (you know, that whole life getting in the way thing.) Now it’s time to hear from you!

I am planning some posts in the near future about budgeting and gardening, as well as a vegetarian recipes series to coincide with Lent. But, since a good blogger writes about the topics that interest her readers, I want to know what you want to see from my blog. Here are some ideas I have:

Funny kid stories
Serious parenting posts like Big Lessons from a Little Boy
Recipes for a certain type of food
A recurring weekly feature such as a roundup of the week’s best posts from other bloggers
Motivational posts
Budget ideas

I would love to hear what you think! You can leave a comment at the bottom of this post or use the contact form on my About Me page.

If you haven’t already signed up to receive my posts by email, just head on over to my homepage and look for the Follow button in the sidebar.

Also, if you’re looking for some last minute ideas for your Super Bowl party, check out my Super Bowl board.

Happy reading!

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Big Lessons from a Little Boy

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* I wrote an update to this post, Big Lessons from a (Gluten Free) Little Boy, to share our experiences with putting Will on a gluten free diet. You can read it here.

This is the story of a little boy and the family who loves him. It is not an easy story to tell, but God’s voice has been in my heart, whispering that there are people who need to read this – people who need

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Super Bowl XLVIII: A Trafficker’s Playground

Today I am reblogging a post from the blog Forte E Bello. This is such an important topic. Please share this on your social media accounts so we can raise awareness.

Forte E Bello

woman hostageIn just a few short days hundreds of thousands of visitors will flood to the MetLife stadium in New Jersey for Super Bowl XLVIII. Many visitors will be coming to show their pride and cheer on their favorite team, but tragically, thousands more will be coming for something entirely different. What most people don’t know is that the single biggest game of the year has also been called the single largest human trafficking event on the planet.

Just beyond the stadium lights, hidden within the shadows will be thousands of victims, women, children and even men, caught in the inhumane web of sex trafficking. For them this day will bring something much different than football, loud cheers, hot dog stands and painted beer bellies. For them it will bring pain, abuse, repeated rapes and even fear of death. The exact numbers of trafficking cases in a given year or…

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Thank You

Today all I want to do is say thank you. No photos, no graphics, nothing fancy. Just a few thank you’s to

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